A different kind of fitness experience.

On Demand Workouts

Hundreds of classes, designed for every level of fitness, that allow you to workout anytime, anywhere, with minimal equipment and space.

Variety of Class Formats

With more than 10 different class formats, ranging from 10 – 50 minutes, we provide the structure and flexibility to support your goals.

New Workouts Added Weekly

Keeping things fresh and exciting, each workout is thoughtfully programmed to help you progress towards your goals.

Progressive Programs

Whether your goal is to build strength, increase endurance, or burn fat, we have guided training programs designed to fit your needs.


Access to our signature 21 day guided program focused on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle to help kickstart your fitness journey.


Share your fitness journey, while staying accountable, motivated, and connected to our amazing Sweat Den fam via our private Facebook community.

Love notes

Life Changing Program That Redefines Fitness.

I signed up for Sweat Den On-Demand last January to kick start my new year. What I got was a truly life-changing program that redefines fitness, and a smarter way to train. Kelsey & Ross curate sessions that have transformed the way I workout, and keep me motivated through the variety of workouts (I can’t pick my favorite, they’re all that good), recipes, and a community of women who truly support one another.

I most appreciate that the workouts are welcoming to all levels, with the expertise and positive energy that only Kelsey and Ross can bring!

Xx, Barb
Good For My Mind, Body & Soul.

Last November, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy. I had polyps, adenomyosis, and we found out upon removing my uterus that it was literally scarred from the inside walls through to the outside. I ended up having to put all workouts on hold from November – February.

Kelsey & Ross have been so good for my mind, body, and soul. It has been HARD AF to rebuild myself from the inside out, but having Kelsey & Ross on my side, has made all the difference. Seeing a tiny bit of strength and definition come back into my core where I used to only see scars is all the motivation I need to keep going.

Xx, Allyson
Nurses Need To Be Taken Care Of, Too.

Lindsey (my work wife) and I are nurses at the children’s hospital. We love Sweat Den On Demand because it has given us an opportunity to take care of ourselves, outside of work. Literally, our text threads are “how was the live?? Doing it after work” and “pulse check, did you drink your lemon water this morning?”

Thank you for creating this platform for us to be able to focus on ourselves when we leave the hospital and for making us feel strong, mentally and physically.

Xx, Sarah & Lindsay
Huge Change In My Energy Levels, Strength & Physique.

I have tried a variety of workouts over the years but never felt like I was seeing the results, mentally or physically, that I wanted. Then I found Sweat Den On Demand. I LOVE that I can wake up in the morning and trust that I’m going to get my a$$ kicked with a great and well thought out workout from Kelsey and Ross.

I have seen a huge change in my energy levels, strength, and physique. Thank you for doing what you do. I can’t image all the behind the scenes work that goes into it, but it sure makes people like me happy.

Xx, Kelsey M

Winner of Women’s Health Magazine 2022 Fitness Awards “Best Virtual Fitness Community”

Join the Sweat Den Fam, sweat with us anytime-anywhere.

  • access to 350+ on demand fitness classes
  • unlimited access to all live classes
  • offering 8 different unique class formats
  • access to multiple progressive style programs
  • connect via our private Instagram group
  • inclusive, supportive, one-of-a-kind community

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Kelsey and Ross, Sweat Den, Instructors

Your Support Team…

Kelsey (CPT) is a former professional dancer / NFL cheerleader, an iFit / Nordictrack trainer, and all around fitness bad ass. She has educated, supported, and motivated thousands of women in their health and wellness journey to become the most confident and healthiest versions of themselves.

Ross (CSCS) is a former D1 collegiate football player, an iFit / Nordictrack trainer, with extensive experience in coaching elite athletes at all levels of sport. Both have been in the health and wellness space for 15+ years. We know what it takes to achieve real results, and live and breathe to inspire those around us to lead a healthy lifestyle. We practice what we preach. We believe in deep health, and the importance of creating a lifestyle that fosters healthy habits and leads to positive change.

We can’t wait to “see” you in the Den!
Xx, Kels & Ross

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