Strength IN Mindfulness

The benefits of breathwork explained…

At Sweat Den we strive to become the leader in offering both world class strength training and mindfulness practices focused on developing a true mind + body connection. 

Our mindfulness practices focus on utilizing the breath as the foundation to a strong body, mind, and spirit, while our strength training methods utilize our unique periodization model to help you reach your goals of improving strength, body composition, muscle endurance, mobility/flexibility, while avoiding stagnation, and preventing overtraining and injuries.

The science tell us the many benefits of breathwork are increased energy, reducing stress, increasing HRV, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, improving lung capacity, increasing grey matter density, activation of the vagus nerve, the list goes on and on. 

Although these benefits are invaluable to longevity our “why” is much deeper than the listed benefits. 

Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, and about half of us will suffer from one or the other in our lifetime. Mental, physical, and spiritual health is on the decline. People are out of shape, overworked, and lead stressful lives. We choose to numb ourselves with drugs, alcohol, food, technology VS. living in our highest purpose. At a time when we are more connected than ever, we have never been more disconnected. We have lost the connection to our mind and body. We have lost our sense of community and love for one another. We place value in the material world VS. our minds, bodies, and souls.

Most human beings have a conscious desire to change, grow, evolve, and transform their lives, so why is it so hard to see real change? At Sweat Den we believe that true transformation requires that we become stronger from the inside out. 

Our beliefs are deeply embedded and conditioned by the bias of our past. While the conscious mind may crave something, the unconscious mind, through deep rooted programming, creates a different reality. What we believe to be true is typically embedded and conditioned by the bias of our past. Our subconscious mind has us running on autopilot and dictates 99% of the decisions and habits we make daily. 

A program by definition follows a pre determined path. Through breathwork and mediation we have the opportunity to explore the unconscious mind, bring old programming to the surface, and initiate a process of profound change. 

So how does it work? The process is simple but profound. 

In short, through intentional and foundational breathing practices, presence, and work, breath and energy move up through the spinal column, and into the central nervous system, releasing energy into the brain, aligning the nervous system, and creating new brainwave patterns and a release of energy. From there, the magic happens.

What does breath work do for me?

It brings me peace. It makes me feel whole. Not needing, wanting, or feeling lack in any aspect of my life. It provides me with a clarity of purpose. It shifts my internal state from shame and fear to gratitude and love. It proves to me that there is depth and layers to this life and that everyone and everything is interconnected. It provides me with the ability to slow down and not be reactionary. It shows me that the only thing I truly have control over is my current state in the present moment. 

My only regret is that I didn’t find the practice sooner and that I don’t do it more often. I hope you take advantage of one of our breathwork classes soon and move towards becoming the greatest version of yourself. 


How To Avoid Detraining During Summer Months

With the Sweat Den Method being based on an Annual Training Plan, we approach the summer months with a different intention and strategy. The summer months are looked at as “In Season”. The hope is that we all are spending more time outside, and taking advantage of the sunshine and ease of getting more exercise and movement than we typically do in the fall and winter. A fitness driven lifestyle is a way of life. Something that continues to remain a constant, regardless of the time of year, and supports growth in all other aspects of life. That’s why we create Summer programs focused on a maintenance / conditioning program. Our summer programs are generally marked by moderate to high intensity training, with moderate training volume and frequency, to address travel, change in training schedule, more time outside, etc. A certain amount of training AND recovery need to occur to maintain your fitness through the summer months. 

The Principle of Reversibility states that when a training stimulus is taken away from an athlete for an extended period of time, they will not be able to maintain a certain level of performance. Over time, the gains that were achieved will return to the original level. For example, when an athlete takes the summer off from training they can expect to become detrained. Maintaining strength, muscle, endurance, body composition requires strategy, intention, and effort.

The intention in providing our Summer Programs, both in person and on demand, is to counteract the principle of reversibility, and continue to see progress during the summer months. In addition to our programs, we have created three Nutrition Guides, located under the “Nutrition” tab in the member portal.

Whether it be intentional or unintentional, does your current training program address these principles and hold a strategy and intention that leads to results? Failing to plan is planning to fail. Staying consistent with our summer programs and utilizing our structured training and nutritional guides will support your growth through the summer months, all you have to is commit to the minimal effective dose and continue to commit to your long term health and wellness journey.

Our Summer Programs and Nutrition Guides are available now in the member portal.

Training Programs:

We have over 20 weeks of workouts to support your continued growth throughout the summer. 

June: Summer Sweat / A four week, 28 day program comprised of 20 thoughtfully programmed high energy workouts designed to build muscle, improve conditioning, and get lean.

June/July/August: Express / A 12 week program focused on Intentional strength training for fat loss without comprising strength or muscle mass, and optimizing body composition to look and FEEL your best. In addition, this style of training supports an improved metabolism and healthy hormone production. 

Travel: Total Body Sculpt / A 21 day program that is guaranteed to sculpt, strengthen and tone your entire body, thru low impact + high energy workouts. SCULPT consists of 12 workouts that are broken up into 4 different formats each week: total body sculpt, upper body sculpt, lower body sculpt & sweaty sculpt. This program is the perfect travel companion to take on the road. 

Nutrition Guides: 

Sweat Den Nutrition Guide: Macro suggestions, portion guides, sample weekly meals, 50+ recipes

No B.S. Fat Loss Playbook: 10 Training Principles to losing fat and building muscle.

Weekly Grocery List: A go-to grocery list to take the guess work out of shopping including go to brands, supplements, etc. 


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