Why We Created GRIT:

New goals don’t deliver new results. New and improved behaviors/habits create an elevated lifestyle, and your lifestyle practices dictate your ability to grow. Self improvement and creating new sustainable habits and behaviors takes introspection and clarity, which require time and attention to develop, both of which are extremely limited resources at the beginning of the year.

GRIT is a 28 day holistic health program created to provide our community with an environment that supports self discovery and positive change. At the heart of GRIT, this program is centered around finding internal growth, clarity, confidence, whatever it is you need to becoming the greatest version of yourself. Focusing on our four pillars of health. Strength Training, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Lifestyle. 

Our Four Pillars of Health:

Strength Training- A 4 week strength training program focused on strength and building muscle.

Nutrition- A Protein-focused nutrition guide supported by a whole foods diet including 50+ follow along recipes, weekly grocery list, and daily protein-specific guidance.

Mindfulness- Science based breathwork and meditation classes designed to balance the nervous system, reduce stress, and align the body + mind.

Lifestyle- Daily protocols and education designed to elevate daily habits and create real sustainable change.

How to Approach the Reset:

Week 1 /  AWARENESS:  Slow down and reflect on which aspects of yourself no longer serve you. Become aware of the internal and external environmental ques that trigger habits and behaviors you no longer want to embody. Set your intentions to the person you wish to become.

Week 2 / ALIGNMENT: Stay aware of the ques that are either holding you back or supporting your growth. Continue to align with your intentions set in week one and start taking action to become the greatest version of yourself. 

Week 3 / ACTION- Tap into the energy created and stay fully present and committed to your goals. Take action to continue changing your behaviors, and take notice of the positive change, both in your body and mind.

Week 4 / ACCOUNTABILITY- Embrace the challenge of staying consistent and become fully accountable to reaching your goals. Push through the inevitable resistance to change and apply GRIT to continue the journey of becoming the greatest version of yourself. 


How do I participate in GRIT? 

We are offering a 31 day free trial to our on demand platform for anyone that wants to participate in GRIT. Our 31 day free trial is available starting on Friday January 19th, 2024. 

Is GRIT In Person or On Demand?

Both! All of the content (strength training program, nutrition support, mindfulness practice, lifestyle protocols) will be available In Person and On Demand.

When does GRIT start?

January 22nd and runs through Sunday February 18th. 

Can I participate as a beginner in fitness?

Of course! GRIT was created for everyone and anyone that wants to become the greatest version of themselves. 

When is the deadline to sign up? 

Our 31 day free trial is available starting on Friday January 19th, 2024 and closes on January 28th, 2024.