For some the New Year brings about the excitement and opportunity for a fresh start. For others, it creates stress, and an arbitrary deadline to have our goals and vision of the future wrapped in a pretty little bow on the 1st of the year. 

This is your reminder that you don’t have to have everything figured out today or this week. You are right where you should be. There isn’t a single day or week that is more important or impactful than the other. 

New goals don’t deliver new results. New and improved behaviors/habits create an elevated lifestyle, and your lifestyle practices dictate your ability to grow.Self improvement and creating new sustainable habits and behaviors takes introspection and clarity, which require time and attention to develop, both of which are extremely limited resources at the beginning of the year.

Our advice is to take the next couple of weeks to find more balance and consistency in your everyday routine, continuing to focus on small sustainable changes, and using the time to get clear as to what your goals are this coming year, and why? 

Don’t know where to start? 

On Monday January 8th, we start a 2 week program intended to improve your overall fitness baseline, strength, and muscular endurance without overtraining or taxing the system. This two week period is meant to provide flexibility to acclimate yourself back into a balanced environment and build a solid foundation to prepare for GRIT our 28 day RESET, which starts on January 22nd and runs through Sunday February 8th. 

GRIT is a 28 day holistic health program created to provide our community with an environment that supports self discovery and positive change. At the heart of GRIT, this program is centered around finding internal growth, clarity, confidence, whatever it is you need. Focusing on our 3 pillars of health. Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. 

If you want to implement some simple but impactful changes now, download our free morning and evening routine checklist and take what you need to start implementing positive change today.