Our class formats and program intention explained…

If you have tried a Sweat Den class or program, you have probably heard us talk about being “program based”. Although this might not seem like an important aspect of your training experience in the Den’, this is the foundation of our training model and workout experience. By taking a personalized and holistic approach to strength training and mindfulness practices, we have developed a unique, results driven method that focuses on creating the ultimate connection between body, mind and breath.

This method was created from years of 1v1 training, giving us the opportunity to truly understand how an individual adapts and grows from specific training stimulus. 

When we say “program based”, what we mean is that we have created our own unique periodization model and class formats to fit that model, where volume, intensity, and movement patterns are manipulated daily, weekly, and monthly to produce the intended results. Without intention of programming, and a certain amount of variability in movement patters, volume, and intensity, stagnation, plateau, and injury will occur. 

So how does it work? We have a specific goal for every 12 week meso cycle. We are currently focused on building muscle with a secondary objective of increasing strength. Within this 12 week cycle we have to manipulate each 4 week micro cycle with just enough variability in movement patters, intention, volume, and intensity. These micro and meso cycles align to produce a result on the macro level. Our cyclical goal is always in maximizing functional hypertrophy. 

Functional hypertrophy is the principle of growing your muscles in away that will improve physical performance. This means understanding how to produce adaptations to specific muscle fiber types and which energy system(s) are being manipulated at any given time. In addition to improving body composition and supporting healthy metabolism, functional hypertrophy can help you get rid of chronic pain and prevent injury. It all has to do with which muscle fibers you grow with your training. More on this to come.

This is where programming becomes more of an art than a science. We manipulate our class formats to fit the needs of our program intention, and lay out a thoughtful weekly and monthly roadmap to set up each and every one of our clients for success. 

Each of our class formats challenge the body in a different way:

Tempo is functional hypertrophy style weight lifting, with an emphasis on hypertrophy, utilizing challenging dumbbells to focus on progressive overload and time under tension (TUT) to produce gains in muscle building, strength, and athleticism.

Sculpt is similar in intention to Tempo but works different muscle fiber types at a different intensity level. This is rhythmic based full body resistance training utilizing time under tension to focus on muscle endurance, strength, stability, and flexibility.

Who it’s for: Both Tempo and Sculpt are for anyone looking to build and/or preserve muscle, improve body composition, and increase muscular endurance. Tempo builds muscle fibers more associated with movement, power, and strength and Sculpt works muscle fibers more associated with stability, posture, and endurance. 

Now let’s look at our conditioning formats. 

Sweat is focused on improving aerobic endurance and building a stronger overall fitness baseline. This full body style workout utilizes light weight, and lower intensity to challenge the bodies aerobic energy systems and improve your overall fitness baseline. Think Zone 2-3 training. 

Perform is a conditioning style workout as well but focused on the Anaerobic energy system. This full body, strength and conditioning style workout utilizes time interval training to challenge the body to get stronger, leaner, and improve your performance baseline. This is our version of HIIT. Think Zone 4-5 training. 

Who it’s for: Both Sweat and Perform focus on improving your overall conditioning in energy systems development. Sweat is more focused on low intensity, lighter weight, endurance work and Perform is more focused on high intensity, heavier weight, metabolic driven work. 

In building out your week in the Den’ if your intention is in line with our current program goals, all you have to do is follow along the suggested weekly program. That being said, if you start your week with Tempo it’s best to move into Sweat for day 2. If you start your week with Sculpt, it’s best to move into Perform for day 2. This will ensure a balanced approach to the week. 

As an example, let’s say your goal is currently building muscle and strength. If you were to complete Tempo and Perform on back to back days this would more than likely be too much intensity, but if you were to complete Sculpt and Sweat on back to back days, this would not be enough intensity. That’s why we suggest balancing our more intense class formats (Tempo and Perform) and with our less intense formats (Sculpt and Sweat). 

Remember to always be as intentional about your recovery, nutrition, and sleep, as you are with your training and the results will follow. Ready to take the next step? Download our nutrition guide below. 

Remember to always be as intentional about your recovery, nutrition, and sleep, as you are with your training and the results will follow. Ready to take the next step? Download our Nutrition guide Options below.