Intro to Boot Camp


15 minutes


All Levels

We are so excited about Sweat Den Boot Camp and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. Boot Camp is a 2 week program designed on a 3-4 day split (Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday or Saturday) with Tuesday and Sunday designed as active recovery days. The program is focused on general conditioning/prep to provide an effective (25 minutes long) full body workout that utilizes higher volume, shorter rest, and moderate loads (60-80% 1RM). In addition, the workout structure lends itself to maintaining/increasing muscle, and losing fat, hence the body comp’ emphasis. This format will increase your overall fitness baseline without overtraining or taxing the system. We have chosen this program design to compliment challenges of finding a new routine at the beginning of the year, and to build a foundation to lead us into GRIT.

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