15 minutes


Yoga Mat
All Levels
Full Body

Once you have been cleared to workout by your doctor, you are free to return to training, at your own pace of course. Training postpartum can be incredibly liberating and overwhelming at the same time. My hope for you is that you listen to your body and gravitate towards workouts that feel good and build you up, not break you down. Remind yourself that you are a total bad ass and that you are SO much stronger than you think. Although your body might not feel like your own still, just be patient and graceful with yourself, it will get there. The last thing I would want for you is to be obsessing so much about “bouncing back” that you miss out on such an incredible time with your new little one. Trust the process and try to make just a little bit of progress, every week… Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself.

Main things to focus on: Kegels, Rehabbing your core, postural exercises, walking, regaining endurance / strength, nutrition, hydration and self love.

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