STG2.24 / SCULPT WKS 11 & 12


45 minutes


Gliders, Light Dumbbells, Ankle Weights (optional)
All Levels
Full Body + Extra Upper Body

SLOW BURN / For this flow we are giving you permission to slow down and just be present… Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. This is the hardest component of this technique. In order to truly get the most out of this flow, you have to be obsessed with creating that mind + muscle connection. Thinking about what muscles are working, where you should be feeling it, what you want your muscles to look like WHILE you’re working them, and what you want them to look like when you’re done. This is VISUALIZATION at it’s finest. There will be more of an emphasis on upper body for this flow so option to utilize 1 lb wrist (aka ankle) weights or grab a light pair of dumbbells (3-5 lb max).

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