GRIT / reset

February 06 – March 06

Take what you need

Let GRIT meet you where you're at.

GRIT is all about FOCUSING ON THE PROCESS and elevating our daily habits to create a lifestyle of positive growth.

A 28 day RESET designed to peel back the layers, look at what we can improve on, and make sustainable changes that will improve every aspect of our lives—and those around us—moving forward.

GRIT / reset

28 days of...

+ 5 On Demand workouts each week all 30 minutes or less

+ 28 day workout calendar taking the guess work out of the process

+ Access to weekly live and on-demand virtual workouts with Kelsey and Ross

+ Nutrition challenge led by Brittany Scanniello, RDN

+ Individualized Protien-focused nutrition guide; Ebook comprised of 50+ recipes, weekly shopping list, protein-specific guidance

+ Daily movement challenge, On Demand Mobility/Yoga flows, daily readings via GRIT book club

+ Morning and Evening Routines to lower stress and feel your best

Free downloads

to help you on your GRIT journey.


Follow along with our 28 day workout program designed to optimize your time and obtain real results.

GRIT is a progressive training program designed for women looking to build lean muscle, reduce fat, and increase strength, endurance, and flexibility.


Implement our 28 day Protien guide, with individualized goals and support.

Created and led by Brittany Scanniello, RDN specializing in body composition and transformation, and women’s health and nutrition.


Utilize our daily grit checklist, mindfulness practices, daily readings, and exercises to reduce daily stress.

Create your own consistent morning and evening routine centered around balance and clarity.

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Check out our Amazon Shopping List for wellness must haves.


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